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Manaslu Permit Fee

Manaslu region is considered to be one of the finest trekking destinations in Nepal. It is one of the challenging and adventures trekking routes in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Trekking in this route is one of the delightful adventures. This is one of the thrilling trekking mountains and also it is extremely rich in the natural beauty and cultural heritage. The trek is a strenuous trek and a good level of fitness and trekking experience is strongly advised. During the time of trekking, you can get different amazing culture, ethnicity, dresses and traditions dances from Gurung, Magar and lama people as well as the natural beauty of this beautiful region. Government policies in Nepal require some of the trekking areas have a special trekking permit especially trekking area is restricted. The route is one of the restricted trekking routes in Nepal. The government rules also state there must be a minimum of two trekkers in the group. The valley trek is more remote and spectacular than many, with rough steep track and the less accommodation.

Foreign trekkers are required to obtain specific permits and registrations to go trekking in this beautiful region of Nepal. For trekking in this beautiful region, you need to pay for trekking permit. And the price of Manaslu Conservation area of Project permits Rs 200 is for the SAARC country and Rs 2000 for other nation foreigners. Foreigner trekkers need to obtain permits to enter all the national parks and conservation area of Nepal and the Manaslu region is also the conservation area that’s why you need to pay for the permit and without the permit, you will not able to enter this region. Its main aim is to preserve its natural resources and cultural heritage. Manaslu restricted trekking permit and cost is different in two seasons. The government of Nepal allows trekking in this region in 1991 with a trekking permit fee. This entry permit is valid for one conservation area. The fee collect from these permit uses to maintain and preserve those areas. The permit cost for Manaslu trekking depends on the month and number of days you will spend in this region. If you are trekking in Nepal with your children who are under 10 years old and wondering how much would be the trekking permit cost then there is no charge for the children. The season between March to May and September to December is considered as the best season for trekking in this route.

The Fee Structure

  • Restricted Manaslu Permit $ 90 in Autumn Per Person (10 Days)
  • Restricted Manaslu Permit $ 70 in Spring Per Person (10 Days)
  • Restricted Tsum Valley $ 35 Per Person in Autumn (07 Days)
  • Restricted Tsum Valley $ 25 Per Person in Spring (07 Days)
  • MCAP Permit Fee Per Head: Rs. 2000 and for Saarc Country Rs. 200 Per Person
  • CAP Permit Fee Per Head: Rs. 2000 and for Saarc Country Rs. 200 Per Person