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Antonia Carol Suning

Dear, Rabin Gurung, It was such a hard fight to join this trip. Because I had to work hard to find funding for this training. It is the first summit I attended team NOBAT ( No Boundary Adventurers Association Sabah ) to the Himalayas with ETR (Everest Trekking Routes Local Trekking Agency in Nepal), I gained a great experience, which Mr. Rabin Gurung very friendly and kind as a mountain guide who experience he made this trip so enjoyable, and build better friendship.

I would like to thank him for giving the best service to us, this is the first time I walk for 21 days hahaha. In every step, he remained faithful to accompany and do not leave us, even though there are 2 people in our group did not succeed, and he sent back with our high camp Lobuche to support the spirit reached the summit Lobuche.

Nice trip and good services such as tents, food, and the stories you tell about your family, it is good, and I enjoyed the trip because you protected me and my team so much.

Keep up the good work you AMG! I am happy to see and to know you! Good luck!

* extra bonus able to speak Bahasa Melayu! hehe

Thank & Regard,
Antonia Carol Suning.
From Sabah