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Nirav Acharya

I did the Mardi Himal Trek with Sameer (Dhan Singh) of Everest Trekking Routes in late June early July of 2018. Being the rainy season, there were few other hikers, allowing for a peaceful and meditative hike through the forests. Along the way, we heard numerous bird calls, stopped off at many viewpoints and Sameer pointed out many mountain herbs and plants that the locals use as medicine.

He also mentioned many facts about the local culture and some fun stories about their beliefs. For instance, the locals believe that whistling melodiously urges the winds to clear the clouds and clear the skies and reveal the mountains. The rest of the hike was filled with pleading whistles since it was quite cloudy. For a few hours here and there the skies would clear and the views of the mountains were breathtaking.

There are many tricky parts on the trail due to landslides and slippery forest floors from all the rains. Sameer expertly navigated through these obstacles showing me how to as well. As amazing as the forests and mountains are, there is always a certain amount of risk associated with hiking in remote areas especially when the trail is less frequented and the weather is not ideal. But having a local guide like Sameer who knows the area like the back of his hand made me feel confident and safe.

If you are looking at planning a hike in Nepal, I highly recommend hiking with Sameer and his company Everest Trekking Routes. You will have a great time and thoroughly enjoy this beautiful country while being expertly guided through it.